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Nutritional Science Research Institute (NSRI) is a newly formed non profit organization committed to both the rigorous scientific testing of products and nutritional supplements from natural sources and to providing education about proper use of these natural products. Currently a serious gap exists between pharmaceutical quality research and research done on natural products. Today there are thousands of natural products and supplements available from hundreds of companies. So, when faced with a myriad of choices, both online and in stores, how is a consumer supposed to choose?

Most of us are forced to choose based on hype, health insurance coverage, testimonials, and maybe at best some test tube and animal research. That’s because the vast majority of natural products and supplements have not been properly tested in human trials. This is not real science.

At NSRI we’re dedicated to rigorous scientific testing using human clinical trials to provide real clinical evidence as to what works and what doesn’t. A product earns the NSRI seal of approval only after it’s shown scientifically to do what it claims to do.

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