About NSRI

Nutritional Science Research Institute

p2Nutritional Science Research Institute (NSRI) is a newly formed non profit organization committed to providing education about proper use of nutritional supplements. Currently, a serious gap exists between pharmaceutical quality research and nutritional supplements. Today, there are thousands of nutritional supplements available from hundreds of companies. These companies claim all kinds of benefits from their products. So, when faced with myriad choices, both online and in stores, how is a consumer supposed to choose? How can you know not only which products you should take, but how much to take of each product?

At NSRI, we’re dedicated to filling the gap and answering your nutritional questions and concerns. Our goal is to help consumers learn what’s right for them through providing competent research to help people better understand their choices. With our NRSI team of dedicated professionals, we will be providing the latest in nutritional science and research and the background information needed to enable people to make educated selections.

Our goal is to not only bring you a wide range of interesting, insightful information and articles about health and nutrition, but to educate you as well. At NSRI, we believe that it’s only by learning more about our individual nutritional needs and how to make the best supplement choices for ourselves and our families that we can truly improve the quality of our lives.